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Does it ovulate if the tubes are blocked?

Salpinx is a bend tube between womb and ovary. The total length is about 8 - 15 cm. In clinical cases, 30% primary infertility and 80% secondary infertility is caused by tubal diseases. Tubal blockage can be caused by artificial labor, infection after delivery, appendicitis, IUD operation, tuberculo-salpingitis, dirty intercourses, PID, endometriosis and so on. They can cause adhesion, hyperaemia, edema and blockage in fallopian tubes. Tubal blockage is normally caused by inflammation, and the main symptoms are pain in lower abdomen, excessive or yellow vaginal fluid, vaginal bleeding, irregular menses and so on. Patients who take western medicine such as antibiotics can control the inflammation, but the lesion in the tubes is not well recovered. Even they have no symptoms in this case, they''''re still not health enough. By taking uterine oviduct imaging, patients can see where the lesion is and how it is.


There is no direct relation between tubal blockage and ovulation. Eggs are produced in the ovary, but the eggs cannot go to the womb to be fertilized. The best time to have uterine oviduct imaging is 3 -7 days after menses. Because tubal blockage is caused by inflammation, it often occur with PID, endometriosis and causes endometrial cyst of ovary.


Tubal blockage can be treated by laparoscope. Laparoscope can dredge the tubes and seperate adhesion. But because the inflammation cannot be eliminated by laparoscope, tubes could be blocked again.


Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can exactly eliminate symptoms in female pelvic cavity. Patients got a high success rate to cure tubal blockage by laparoscope if they take Fuyan Pills for two to three months first.


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