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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) be Effective in Treating Tubal Obstruction?

Can TCM be effective in treating tubal obstruction? This a question that many women who tries to take traditional Chinese medicine always ask. It is well known that surgery is not the only way to settle this problem, actually treatments for tubal obstruction are various. More available methods can be applied to satisfy patients according to their own condition. For instance, TCM is the effective way, which has a history of 60 years in treating tubal obstruction.


To treat tubal obstruction, traditional Chinese medicine adopt several methods, every methods aims to cure specific patients. That is to say, different characters and causes of the disease must be treated in different way. Only in this way, the condition be controlled. And only the condition is controlled, can the treatment be effective. TCM is not a concept that can be accepted by many people, but with the clinic surveies, patients who are cured by it are numerous. The main reason is that in pathology, TCM can not be given a clear and unambiguous explanation. A lot of medical experts devote themselves to list TCM systematically.


Pathogenesis is the factor that decides the treatment. Usually, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis is the effect way to relieve the condition. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that, prescriptions that can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis in herbs can improve hemodynamics, hemorheology and microcirculation. At the same time, these prescriptions decrease the permeability of the capillaries in the areas which are infected, relieves the inflammatory exudate, and promotes the blood circulation. Moreover, they can improve the absorption of inflammatory exudate, prevent cells from producing collagen fibers and resist inflammation and regulate humoral and cellular immune.


Fuyan Pill is the medicine that developed by Dr. Lee which is patented. This traditional Chinese medicine is proved effective on treating tubal obstruction, only the patient receive the proper treatment for herself and strictly follow the doctor's advice, can she get a good result.

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