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Tubal Blockage and Intertility

Some inflammation in genital tract can spread to organs nearby. Such as, chronic cervitis, endometritis, and parametritis, can all cause inflammation in fallopian tubes. Salpingitis can also occur because some other inflammation''s unthorough treatment. The chronic inflammation often cause a blockage in salpinx and infertility. If the fallopian tubes are unobstructed but not wide enough, people still risk for exfetation. Chronic salpingitis patients should not be pregnant after the disease is cured. If exfetation hasn''t been rapidly diagnosed, it can be very dangerous.


There are two types of salpingitis: acute salpingitis and chronic salpingitis.


The symptoms usually appear after a menstrual period. The most common symptoms of salpingtitis are:


· Abnormal smell and colour of vaginal discharge.
· Pain during ovulation
· Pain during sexual intercourse
· Pain coming and going in periods
· Abdominal pain
· Lower back pain
· Fever
· Nausea
· Vomiting


Treating salpingitis/tubal blockage with traditional Chinese medicine should use the recipe of Wandai Soup and add some other elements in it. Wandai Soup is developed by Fu Shan in Qing Dynasty, aiming at curing excessive vaginal fluid. In symptoms of salpingtitis, excessive vaginal fluid is one of them( There is no checking equipment in ancient times, so doctors compose recipes according to symptoms). However, through technology in nowadays, we are aware of GV infection, VRSA infection and tubercle bacillus infection and so on. As a result, many other herbs which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material are necessary in the recipe. Traditional Chinese treatment to cure salpingtitis can eliminate all the lesion in salpinx and the symptoms radically. Fuyan Pill is an improved formula which can treat infertility caused by salpingitis or tubal blockage.

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