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Tubal Blockage Non-surgical Treatment

Laparoscopic surgeris are always done for correcting the common cause of infertility- tubal blockage. Tubal reanastomosis, salpingectomy, salpingostomy, fimbrioplasty, and hydrotubation are popular procedures to reverse blocked fallopian tubes. They're highly effective but also with plenty or risks. Is there anytubal blockage non-surgical treatment?


Before take tubal blockage non-surgical treatment for your first choice, let's see what the risks of surgeries are:
- Pelvic infection.
- Scar tissue/adhesions forming on the reproductive organs, causing them to bind the abdominal wall or to other organs.
- Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy after surgery.


When successful, a fallopian tube procedure can enable a woman to have more than one pregnancy without ongoing fertility treatment and repeated use of IVF. However, what if there's a treatment can cure tubal blockage without above risks?  


Tubal blockage is caused by salpingitis, the inflammation of fallopian tubes. As a result, tubal blockage or hydrosalpinx are very possibly to recur after the surgery. This is a problem bothers lots of sufferers. The what about tubal blockage non-surgical treatment?


Traditional Chinese doctors composes herbs into a formula, for treating diseases. Fuyan Pill is a patented traditional Chinese medicine for treating tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx. As it is inflammation which causes this blockage, anti-inflammatory herbs are required in the formula, with herbs to promote blood circulation and dissolve hard lumps, the blockage can be dissipated by the herbs in three months. As some tubal blockage patients also suffer from abdominal pain or excessive vaginal discharge, more herbs are involved in Fuyan Pill in order to treat possible symptoms of tubal blockage. Fuyan Pill as a tubal blockage non-surgical treatment, can treat tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx for three or four months medication.

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