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Herbal Treatment of Salpingitis

Salpingitis is a disease that can not be ignored because it can cause damage to patients a lot. What are treatment of salpingitis?


Western medical treatment: To treat acute salpingitis, antibiotic is often the choice in western medical treatment. The selection can depend on different pathogens of diseases. If necessary, surgeries can be operated to solve the problem. While, In the treatment of chronic salpingitis, joint approach of antibiotic and adrenal cortical hormone is recommended. However, western medical treatment can't do nothing about recrudescence.  


TCM treatment: In TCM treatment of salpingitis, it obeys the rule that different symptoms should be treated with different medication.


Dr.Lee reminded that traditional Chines medicine Fuyan Pill can clear away toxic materials and eliminate bacteria. Besides, prescription in this Pill which can promote blood circulation can cure salpingitis. As a pure TCM preparation, Fuyan Pill can extirpate various pathogens in oviduct. Generally, one or two months course of treatment can help patients restore normal physiological function of fallopian tube. Therefore, Fuyan Pill is a hope for women who have long suffered from salpingitis.

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