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Tubal adhesion often remain systematic on sufferers, its symptoms are always awaked after marriage and finding that it is difficult to conceive. 

But there are also some patients get the feeling of lower abdominal pain,and the common symptoms are distending pain, stabbing pain, and bearing-down pain. Of course, except for these feeling, if some patients get heavier tubal adhesion, they catches extended symptom, which result in lumbar ache, waist ache, vomit, shiver and fever. Don’t bear the pain as soon as the conditions appear. It’s necessary to go to see the doctor.
What examination methods are there for tubal adhesion?
As the saying above, if female patients get lower abdominal pain, lumbar ache, waist ache as well as vomit, shiver and fever, they must go to see the doctor in time. Then, what examination will arranged by doctors?
There are two methods to examine tubal adhesion. One is HSG, the other one is laparoscopy. If one taking examination by the former method, take the X-ray of radiography to the gynecological doctors to make sure the adhesion parts and extent in tube. Doctors will formulate a plan of treatment according to the result of X-ray. The other relatively easy and accurate method is laparoscopy, which could find adhesion condition rapidly and accurately.   
Tubal plays an important role in female reproductive function; it’s located in the key part that sperm through, zona -binding and germ cell through. So, it should examine the tubal particularly while taking the examination of tubal adhesion.
The harm of tubal adhesion is heavy, due to the adhesion organization makes sperm unable to get through tubal smoothly and get combination with eggs, so that leads to infertility. What’s more, the location, extent and quality of adhesion vary from different patients, if the sperm get into the tubal and combine with the egg, but the zygote becomes bigger then before as well as the limited lumen because of the tubal adhesion. All above makes zygote flow into uterine cavity difficultly. And it’s easy to get ectopic pregnancy. 
As is well known, mishandling the ectopic pregnancy carries high risk, so, it’s a key to discover and cure tubal adhesion in time. 
There is suggestion that taking Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill as soon as tubal adhesion is diagnosed. 

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