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Hydrosalpinx Herbal Remedy - Fuyan Pill

The best hydrosalpinx herbal remedy is traditional chinese medicine! To treat hydrosalpinx with herbal remedy Fuyan Pill, no western pills are needed. Long-term use of antibiotics brings drug resistance, so it is not an appropriate treatment for hydrosalpinx which is caused by chronic salpingitis. And surgical treatment may possibly damage the fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate the accumulation of fluid, but due to the incomplete control of salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, the stimulus of these two kinds of inflammations would result in the accumulation of fluid in the tube again. Only "Fuyan Pill", a traditional Chinese medicine, can not only eliminate inflammation completely but also clear and open the fallopian tube. The accumulated fluid in the tube can be eliminated , without any damage or aftereffect. Chinese medicine treatment is to clear up the root of the problem. It can be concluded that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on relieving the primary symptoms of diseases.

Fuyan Pill was successfully produced by Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic after many years of observation and studies. As a hydrosalpinx herbal remedy, Fuyan Pill has already been patented. Its application number is 200910064981.5. Patents who've got their diseases cured in Wuhan Dr.Lee's TCM Clinic say that this herbal remedy has a unique efficacy for the treating hydrosalpinx and tubal adhesion.

How does Fuyan Pill treat hydrosalpinx?

1. In the formula of Fuyan Pill, herbs which can tonify the spleen can treat abnormal vaginal discharge: abnormal vaginal discharge is a barometer of gynecological diseases. As herbal medicines are widely used in ancient times, doctors in the past treat diseases based on the symptoms. Doctors find that women who have abnormal discharge often have a poor spleen or liver function. As a result, by tonifying the spleen and the liver, abnormal vaginal discharge can be controlled and treated. 

As a modern doctor of traditional chinese medicine, Dr. Lee can more clearly understand the illness through modern medical technology. She learned knowledges about infections through the inspection of modern medical technology, and knows that infections are caused by pathogen such as gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, fungi, staphylococcus aureus and mycobacterium tuberculosis. Modern doctors know that tubal blockage or hydrosalpinx patients may suffer from abnormal vaginal discharge as well. By combining the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the results of modern medical technology, Dr. Lee has successfully produced Fuyan Pill to be a hydrosalpinx herbal remedy, and for treat its causing factors like infections as well.

2. After knowing that hydrosalpinx is caused by chronic salpingitis, and chronic salpingitis can be caused by infections, Dr. Lee composed herbs which can kill pathogens in the formula of Fuyan Pill. According to clinical reports, Fuyan Pill can completely treat infections at women's reproductive system within three months. By radically treating the disease, hydrosalpinx never recurs after being treated by Fuyan Pill. 

3. Fuyan Pill involves herbs which can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and soften hardness, so blockage/adhesions can be treated by this herbal medicine. By these means, blocked fallopian tubes can be open and function well again after the treatment. With herbs to promote Qi circulation, possible lower abdominal pain and lower back pain can be released with the treatment as well. 

All these herbs working together, they treat hydrosalpinx and tubal adhesion radically and effectively. According to clinical reports, it takes three to four months to completely cure hydrosalpinx in women. With a required diet, hydrosalpinx sufferers can have their diseases permanently cured and get pregnant after the treatment.  

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