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Tuberculous Salpingitis

1. Pathological change of tuberculous salpingitis

Tuberculous salpingitis may be developed by hematogenous spread, making oviduct a little bit bigger, and V. W. slightly thickened. Many miliary nodular lesions of the surface conglutinate with surrounding, few of them can affect ovarium. Tuberculous salpingitis is the desease of endosalpinx infected by tubercle bacillus, and the mucosa is destroyed, forming caseating necrosis and adhesion;fimbriated extremity of fallopian swelling, appearing funnel-shapedecstrophy, maybe not belocked, and there is no adhesion in the outer surface of oviduct, the whole oviduct looked a little bigger.Ifsecondary infection occurs, the materia in oviduct becomes purulency; tuberculous tubal phlogosis is embodied that oviduct adhere with surrouding apparatus, appearing as tuberculous pelvic peritonitis、diffuse peritonitis. If Superficial pathological changes continue to develop, it may penetrate into interstitial substance of V. W. and the mucosal tissue. Clinically, the pathological changesof chronic tuberculous salpingitis progress slowly, the oviduct appears thick and stiff, lemens of oviduct becomes narrow and obstruent.The whisker mucosa Of fimbriated extremity of fallopiancan adhere like a piece, leaving a pore or closing up abosolutely.The courses of both acute and subacute tuberculous salpingitis associated with serous exudation, distribute throughout the abdominalcavity, forming localized encapsulated fluid, the wall of whichis adhered intestinal canal, omentum, uterus, ovaries and oviduct. TheCourse of the disease may change from acute phase to chronic phase.Oviduct tuberculosis can infect uterus through interstitialsubstance of oviduct, forming endometrial tuberculosis, and cornual part bear the brunt. So if the two cornual part of uterus is taken out from the oviduct suspected of tuberculous salpingitis, positive reactions are found much more than in other part of endometria.Tuberculous salpingitis infects uterus downside mainly in endometria,if further worsening, it will erode muscular layer. Although Through treatment of tuberculosis change,lesions haven' t been found in the endometria, the success ratio in vitro fertilization embryo relace-ment is lower than oviduct infarctions caused by other reasons. This may be that the fibrosis of endometria after anti-tuberculosis treatment affect embryo nidation.

2. Symptom of tuberculous salpingitis

Tuberculous salpingitis patients hospitalized because of infertility arrive with fatigue, night sweats, low-calorie, poor appetite, normal menstruation but different menstrual blood volume, different menstrual period, or having fever in menses, sometimes even as high as 39 �? however without any treatment, the temperature will return to normal after menstruation. tuberculous salpingitis patients of Amenorrhea. Postmenopausal uterus bleeding patients should do endometrial histologic examination in order to make clear the causes.

Mild abdomen bilge feeling or lumbosacral area having slightly pain, oviduct tuberculosis producting pus or celiac producting pus may not have inflammatory symptom as pain, higher temperature, etc, but when it is infected by secondary mlicrococcus pyogenes, inflammatory symptom will appear.

When tuberculosis of fallopian tube downside infect endometria, even bring tuberculous cervicitis, the excreta will appear purulence or purulent matter.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine for tuberculous salpingitis

1) Heat-clearing and detoxifying drug matching with antituberculotic medecine, can eniminate tubercle bacillus within 3 months.

2) Heat-clearing and detoxifying drug matching with drug for invigorating blood circulation and eliminating stasis, treat oviduct and cavitas pelvis affection infected by tubercle bacillus

3) Heat-clearing and detoxifying drug invigorating spleen to eliminate dampness, eliminate dropsy and empyema; in a word,early treatment of tuberculous salpingitis will get higher recovery rate, inspite of fearful symptom. 

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