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Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes affect Ovulation?

How is tubal blockage treated? This is a question that many patients with this disease concerns most. However, some patients put forward an other doubt, that is, can tubal blockage affect ovulation? Indeed, a lot of patients hold a view that tubal blockage certainly cause disorders in ovulation or even without ovulation. Specialist in urogenital system in women says tubal blockage does not have impact on ovulation. Blocked fallopian tubes are not able to prevent ovarian from ovulating. The only thing is the egg can not converge with the sperm with tubal barrier.

Can blocked fallopian tubes affect ovulation?

It is confirmed by the specialist in infertility that there's no nexus between tubal blockage and ovulation. Therefore, ovulation test strips and basal body temperature test are not correct ways to obtain results of ovulation. Though ELISA technique is applied to ovulation test strips, which aims to check the pituitary luteinizing hormone and predict ovulation, the ovulation test strips can also show positive even at the month that ovulation does not occur. Thus, ovulation test strips can only be used to predict the ovulation. Patients or doctors who use ovulation test strips to diagnose the presence of the ovulation is not wise. 

Then how to decide the presence of ovulation? The advisable way is to go to the experienced doctors, who are able to continuously monitor the ovulation with the B-row, until the ovum appears. If your period is 30 days, you can be monitored from the 12th day, and if it is 28 days, the 10th day is available. Unfortunately, if both sides are blocked, patients can definitely not be pregnant.


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