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How to Cure Tubal Adhesion at Fimbrial End?

The fimbrial end is the free end of the fallopian tube which grasps the egg from uretus. Normally, the fimbrial end is full of cilium and they can swing freely. The moving of the cilium transfers the egg into the fallopian tube.


How does fimbrial end adhesion occur?


Pathogens like e.coli, staphylococcus, gonococcus, chlamydia, mycoplasma can infect women’s reproductive system and cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Acute PID, acute salpingitis, acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation, and some other conditions can all be triggered by the infections. If these inflammations are not treated promptly, adhesions may occur in women’s pelvic cavity, between connective tissues, around the uterus, inside or aound the fallopian tubes. The fimbrial end can be adhesive or blocked because of infections or inflammations. 


How to cure fimbrial end adhesion?


Generally, adhesion or blockage at fimbrial end is treated with laparoscopy or hydrotubation. These procedures can treat this condition rapidly, however, tubal conditions often recurs soon later. This is because the cause of tubal conditions - inflammation or infections, are not completely treated.


As a result, for women with not very long history, herbal medicine is always suggested instead of surgery. Fuyan Pill as a patented herbal medicine, works on tubal blockage, tubal adhesions, and hydrosalpinx effectively. It cures tubal adhesions at fimbrial ends after three to four months medication, and no surgery is needed.  


How does herbal medicine cure tubal adhesion at fimbrial end?


As adhesions are caused by inflammation and infections, herbs for killing pathogens and for treating inflammations are needed. Fuyan Pill is a complex herbal formula which contains many herbs, and each of them has their unique functions. Some herbs can kill bacteria, virus and other pathogens, some can subside swelling and treat inflammation, some can promote blood and Qi circulation, some can tonify the spleen and regulate menses. All the elements in Fuyan Pill’s formula come from the nature, and they’re as safe as foods, so Fuyan Pill is a very safe herbal medicine. According to clinical cases, there’s no side effect with Fuyan Pill.

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