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What Should You Eat While Treating Fallopian Tube Blockage?

Nowadays, more and more women can’t get pregnant successfully. There are many reasons can cause female infertility. Fallopian tube blockage is a most common reason that can cause infertility. Almost 30% to 40% infertility is caused by fallopian tube condition.


Fallopian tube blockage rarely cause symptoms. A specific kind of blocked fallopian tube, called hydrosalpinx, may cause lower abdominal pain and unusual vaginal discharge, but not every woman will have these symptoms. Thus, if you feel these symptoms, you should go to see the doctor to have a test soon.


Many patients with fallopian tube blockage choose food therapy while treating fallopian tube blockage. Of course, it is extremely important for the treatment of fallopian tube conditions. Food therapy is a good ministrant remedy. Though it can’t make sufferers recover from disease, it can help to treat fallopian tube blockage positively.


If one or both fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg cannot reach the uterus, and the sperm cannot reach the egg, women can’t get pregnant successfully. Sufferers can eat some food that has the function of promoting blood circulation and dissipating hard lumps while treating fallopian tube blockage such as tortoise and seafood.


In addition, food therapy for fallopian tube blockage has two action. First, it can supply various nutrition that is necessary for women’s health. Second, it is an adjuvant therapy while treating fallopian tube blockage.


Herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill can treat fallopian tube blockage effectively. It contains herbs that can promote blood circulation and dissipate hard lumps. The advantage is that sufferers can recover thoroughly after taking Fuyan Pill for three months.

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