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Adhesions and scarring are a primary cause of fallopian tube blockage

Fallopian tube blockage is a major cause of female infertility. Blocked fallopian tubes are unable to let the ovum and the sperm converge, thus making fertilization impossible.


Adhesions and scarring are a major cause of infertility and a primary cause of fallopian tube blockage. They may be large and thick or so small that they are hard to visualize, even microscopically.


Adhesions have also been implicated as a cause of secondary infertility (no full-term pregnancy after a first birth). This can occur when a c-section, episiotomy, difficult pregnancy or childbirth creates adhesions in or around the uterus or other reproductive organs.


Adhesions form in the body after an infection, inflammation, trauma or surgery. If they do not dissolve within the first two weeks, they remain in the body as a permanent bond. They can glue down delicate organs or tissues wherever they form, causing pain or dysfunction.


As adhesions can cause fallopian tube blockage, you should get this disease treated as soon as possible. Herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill is a good choice. Fuyan Pill is herbal medicine, which contains herbs to promote blood and Qi circulation, dissolve stasis and dissipate hard lumps. With the "guiding herbs" which can "guide" other herbs to work directly in the reproductive system, the adhesion can be reversed.


In addition, Fuyan Pill can also treat fallopian tube blockage effectively. If you have developed this condition, you can choose herbal medicine to help you rather than surgery.


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