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How about Tubal Surgery to Correct Fallopian Tubal Blockage?

The fallopian tube is the structure that connects the ovaries with the uterus. When fallopian tubes are blocked, infertility may result. Recognizing the signs of fallopian tube blockage is important in order to become pregnant and have a child.


Fallopian tube blockage prevents sperm from being able to reach an egg and also prevents eggs from being able to reach the uterus. When tubal sterilization is performed, tubal blockage is intentional. Fallopian tube blockage can often be corrected with reconstructive tubal surgery.


There are 3 primary techniques of tubal reconstructive surgery:


Tubal Anastomosis– Tubal anastomosis involves removing the blocked segment of the tube and joining the two remaining open segments. It is also referred to as tubal reanastomosis or tubotubal anastomosis. This is the surgical treatment used when the tubal blockage is between the uterus and the fimbrial end of the tube.


Salpingostomy– Salpingostomy is creating a new opening in the fallopian tube. This operation, also called neosalpingostomy, is used to correct distal tubal occlusion at or near the fimbrial end of the tube caused by fimbriectomy, PID, or endometriosis.


Tubal Implantation– Tubal implantation is used to correct a proximal tubal occlusion or blockage at the junction of the fallopian tube and uterus. The blocked segment is bypassed by creating a new opening in the uterus and inserting the healthy portion of the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity. Tubal implantation is also called tubouterine implantation or uterotubal implantation.


As surgery usually has its risk, you can choose herbal medicine to help you if you don’t want to choose surgery. Fuyan Pill is a better herbal medicine for fallopian tube blockage. It can correct fallopian tube blockage effectively and doesn’t have any side effects.

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