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What is the Best Treatment for Fallopian Tube Adhesions?

Adhesions are bands of tissue that can form between abdominal organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or bowel) and/or between these organs and the wall of the abdomen. Depending on their location, adhesions may make it difficult for you to get pregnant or can cause bowel obstruction or pain. Thus, if you are experiencing fallopian tube adhesions, you should get it treated soon.  


In general, people only think that surgery is the only treatment for fallopian tube adhesions. However, in addition to surgery, herbal medicine can cure this condition effectively. Diseases and infections that can cause adhesions to form include: endometriosis, diverticulitis (colon inflammation), appendicitis, cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation), and pelvic inflammatory disease (condition primarily caused by a sexually transmitted disease). The further your disease has progressed, the worse the adhesions may be.


Pain treatment, antibiotics, and other symptomatic treatments are sometimes sufficient to reduce symptoms of the adhesion. If you want to choose surgery for fallopian tube adhesions, you should talk with your doctor about whether surgery would be helpful to you.


As you may know, surgery may bring side effects. Thus, herbal medicine could be a better treatment for fallopian tube adhesions. Fuyan Pill is a herbal medicine for this condition. The biggest advantage of Fuyan Pill is that it can eradicate fallopian tube adhesions and it doesn’t have any side effects. In general, sufferers can recover in three months.

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