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What is the reason of tubal blockage?

When womens fallopian tube is blocked by fluid and the egg cannot pass through it, it is tubal blockage. Tubal blockage is the main reason of female infertility, but what is the reason of tubal blockage?

Actually, adhesion and scarring are the main causes of tubal blockage. What's more, adhesion have also been implicate as a cause of secondary infertility. This can occur after having episiotomy, difficult pregnancy, childbirth or adhesion in or around the uterus or other reproductive organs.
Adhesion commonly forms after infection, inflammation, trauma or surgery. If the adhesion cannot be solved within the first two weeks, permanent damages will be caused by it. Those adhesions can glue down delicate organs or tissues wherever they form, causing pain or dysfunction. 
Since adhesion and scarring are the main causes of tubal blockage and the tubal blockage is the main cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancy, women should receive treatment as soon as possible. Although this disease also can be cured by surgery, herbal formula is better, because after surgery, the adhesion and scarring may form again. Herbal formula – Fuyan Pill has no such problems. Fuyan Pill contains herbs that can promote blood circulation, promote Qi, dissolve stasis, and dissipate hard lumps. What's more, this pill also has guiding drug which can guide other herbs to work directly in reproductive organs.

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