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How does TCM Treat Tubal Obstruction?

It’s reported one third of female infertility can be contributed to fallopian tuba obstruction. Tubal obstruction has been regarded as untractable disease since the increasing incidence of infertility caused by it. Infections of the oviductal mucosa spread from the endometrium, thus rendering it adhesive mostly cause Fallopian tube obstruction. The problem is how is the disease treated, with TCM.

The treatment is mainly divided as TCM and western medicine. Hydrotubation and surgery are most commonly used in western medicine. Hydrotubation is not recommended due to its poor effect. Surgery generally provides a good result but the formation of scars after surgery may cause infertility again. So we are putting our eyes on a more effective treatment with as little side effect as possible. TCM is exactly the treatment we are looking for. How does TCM treat tubal obstruction?

In TCM, female infertility is classified into deficiency of the kidney, phlegm-damp, blood stasis, etc. Tubal obstruction is associated with blood stasis. So the treatment should focus on promoting circulation and dissolving blood stasis, which is provided by TCM. Now, we are going to explain how it works.

1. Promoting circulation and dissolving blood stasis leads to regulating menstruation and promoting ovulating.

From classical TCM books, it is important to regulate menstruation prior to treating infertility. While tubal obstruction is always associated with irregular menstruation, regulating it during treatment is important. According to modern medicine research, promoting circulation and dissolving blood stasis can regulate menstruation. It demonstrate how Fuyan Pill work on treatment.

2. Promoting circulation and dissolving blood stasis contribute to removing the block in the tube

Most commonly a tube may be obstructed due to PID or chronic salpingitis. Based on the symptoms and signs of tubal blockage, it’s a blockage and malfunction of blood in the concept of TCM, thus the treatment should be aiming at promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis. It is proved that drugs which can promote blood circulation can extend the blood vessels and enhance metabolism locally, so the blockage can be dissipated and dissolved. As a result the obstructed blockage can be unblocked. Meanwhile the function of phagocytic cell is promoted, thus the inflammation of fallopian tubes can be treated at the same time. Fuyan Pill also contains some herbs for clearing up “fire” and toxic materials, thus all possible pathogen to result in tubal blockage can be killed and cleared up. All the herbs working together, the cause of fallopian tube and the condition itself are both treated. This is the reason why it never recurs after getting cured by Fuyan Pill. 

3. Promoting circulation and dissolving blood stasis contribute to blood circulation of the uterus and make it easier for feralized egg to plant

Once the blood circulation of the uterus is promoted, the growth of endometrium is enhanced, the uterus is functioning better thus the feralized egg can plant on the endometrium. As tubal obstruction is caused by PID and salpingitis, the inflammation affects the uterus and it may be more difficult for the egg to plant on the endometrium. Surgery treats fallopian tube obstruction in a physical way, the inflammation may still remain after the treatment. This is the reason why some patients still cannot get pregnant after their fallopian tube obstruction is cured. Women who take Fuyan Pill to cure their tubal obstruction never bother by this because Fuyan Pill improves the whole environment of women’s reproductive system while treating tubal obstruction.

In a word, herbs to promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis with herbs to clear up “fire ” and toxic materials, by treating the inflammation and unblock the fallopian tubes, tubal obstruction can be cured by Fuyan Pill and the condition of reproductive system is well enough for getting pregnant. To cure fallopian tube obstruction, it takes only three months if one takes Fuyan Pill and risks for no side effect.

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