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Treatments for Tubal Adhesion - Fuyan Pill

In recent years,the increasing rate of STD and unwanted abortion made Fallopian tube obstructive infertility go up. Many of which are attributed to tubal adhesion.

Tubal adhesion is most commonly treated with HSG, hydrotubation and anti-inflammatory treatments, but the curative effect is poor. At present, regarding western medicine, surgery is the main treatment for tubal infertility, mostly applied by laparoscopy. While tubal surgery could reserve Fallopian tubes for pregnancy, patients are at risk for ectopic pregnancy. Resection avoids the risk but may have influence on next pregnancy. Thus traditional Chinese medicine is recommended here for the disease, Fuyan pill could be your choice.

Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill threat not only salpingitis, also helps restoring physiological function. Fuyan pill is notable for threat Fallopian tubes problem, because it’s able to diminish inflammation in Fallopian tube and clear the tubes to restore physiological function. The formula of Fuyan pill has the efficacy of nourishing spleen , promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis and clearing away heat and toxic materials, which contribute to the treatment.

A dietary restriction is required during the medication. Because some food may aggravate the condition despite using of the medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine treats illness and helps restoring physiological function at once ,thereby eradicating disease.  Contact our on-line doctors for further information.

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