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Say goodbye to infertility by curing tubal blockage thoroughly

You may know that every woman has two fallopian tubes, but its functions. Fallopian tubes are bridges of ovaries and uterus. When egg is produced by ovary, it has to fertilize with sperm, entering and implanting in uterus by passing fallopian tubes. Thus fallopian tubes is very important and cannot be replaced.

Fallopian tubes are very thin, so it is easy to be blocked. When tubes are blocked, the egg cannot meet with sperm and also cannot implant in uterus too. So fallopian tubes should be protected carefully. But, what if the tubes are blocked? Women not only have to face infertility but also have to face many painful symptoms and even ectopic pregnancy. If the blockage is caused by bacterial infection, women can take antibiotic to clear away bacteria, but the blockage still is there. Thus, tubal blockage commonly cures with antibiotic and laparoscope.
However, the relapse rate of this treatment is high. Is there any way can cure this tubal blockage and with low relapse rate? The answer is yes. There is an herbal medicine named fuyan Pill, which is approved by SIPO in 2010. This pill has more than 40 rarely herbs, so it won't produce toxic materials to damage liver or kindy when working on blockage.
This pill, invented by Dr. Lee, the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, also has no drug resistance, so no matter how long you take it, its curative effect will be as good as the first day. The most amazing functions of fuyan Pill are clearing away toxic materials and dissipating hard lumps and dissolving stasis. Thus, patients can make bacteria gone and tubes unblocked by only taking this pill. 
Generally speaking, all kind of tubal blockage can be cured by fuyan Pill with three or four months. And the actual time depends on how severe the blockage is. If your infertility is caused by tubal conditions, you can say goodbye to it by taking fuyan Pill.

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