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Why Annexitis Leads to Infertility?
For every woman, being pregnant is regarded as their own duty, as well as their dream, for they think being a mom can make a woman a real woman. However, in real life, there are a variety of reasons causing women infertility, which is a big damage, for infertility will make their dream of becoming a mother instantly shatter.
There are many causes of female infertility, and annexitis is the one can cause infertility.
Annexitis refers to inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. But the salpingitis and oaritis are often associated with parametritis and pelvic peritonitis, and at the time of diagnosis it is also not easy to distinguish them, so, the scope of annexitis is enlarged. Annexitis can not only make female infertility, weakening secondary sex characters until make them disappear, but also can directly cause endocrine disorders and premature aging skin.
Annex inflammation causes infertility. Here, annex refers to the fallopian tube and ovary, both of which are called annexitis. Adhesion caused by annex inflammation, such as the adhesion of fimbriated extremity and peritoneal mucosa, which often affects the function of the oviduct. This cannot make the eggs go into fallopian tubes, thus the eggs can't meet with sperms, which can lead to infertility. This is one of the reason why infertility caused by annexitis.
Annexitis leads to endometriosis, which causes infertility. Through laparoscopic, endometriosis and annexitis can be diagnosed. Endometriosis is also one of the main causes of infertility, which should have the corresponding treatments. Annexitis produce antibodies that causing immune infertility. When have annexitis and pelvic inflammation diseases, inflammation can cause the body's immune response to sperms, producing antisperm antibodies and endometrial antibodies, so it can cause immune infertility.
To prevent Annexitis, women need to pay attention to personal hygiene and menstrual hygiene. Since inflammation can cause severe hydrosalpinx or tubal ovarian cyst, surgery can be imposed.

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