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Comparative study of TCM and western medicines in treating the hydrosalpinx
As we all know, the fallopian tube is the part of female's reproductive system. And in the female body, there are two fallopian tubes in each side of the uterus. The fallopian tube is an access in the process of birth, and one side of the fallopian tube is the egg in the ovary, the other side is the sperm. With the help of the fiber peristalsis, the sperm and egg meet each other, thus forming the embryo, and finally implantation in endometrium. But sometimes, in the process of sperm egg meet, if the tubal is blocked by water, then the sperm will be rejected, and it cannot be fertilized with the normal egg. At the same time, water or blocked purulent white blood cells can kill or eat the sperm, which cause the less chance of pregnant or fetal malformation. The blockage is what we called the hydrosalpinx and it is a common reason for the female infertility.
Female body has the structure that can independently complete the ovulation, fertilization, implantation, the whole process of development, delivery, and complete the series of actions which need full cooperation of organ such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. If any part of it appears problem, then the pregnant plan will directly break. So now we take this opportunity to discuss the treatment between the TCM and western medicines in treating the hydrosalpinx.
In most cases, take the antibiotics is the most common way to treat this kind of diseases in the western medicines. But the modern study shows that the abuse of antibiotics can not only induce the adverse drug reactions, but also result in drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria. Also, they choose the treatment of IVF–ET, but the lowly pregnancy rate and highly miscarriage rate make them anxiety. Some other people think the salpingectomy is a good way to solve this problem. They think if the jam or tubal seeper is removed, then everything is ok. Actually, this operation is also very dangerous, because it can lead to some infections, such as tubal phlogistic, endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease. Besides, the others turn the operation of fallopian tube side or periampullary colostomy for help. In fact, this is a good choose, but it may cause the ectopic pregnancy, expecially the high rate of relapse cannot be ignored.
But for the TCM, everything can become positive. You don't need to use the intolerable side effect antibiotic drugs or to make an operation, but to dredge the internal empyema of tubal, eliminate the purulent fluid from the source, and let it out of the body. 
TCM to the function of detoxification, dampness, fend off the cold, diuresis, anti-inflammatory, relieves congestion, blood-based treatment of tubal fluid have achieved good results, all prescription have the effect of consolidate recovery, endocrine regulation, regulating body balance, improve immunity, repair of the lesion tissue and clear the ovaries and fallopian tubes which finally restore the normal function of the reproductive organs.
To cure the hydrosalpinx, the Fuyan pills may be the most wonderful drugs that should be mentioned. Fuyan pill is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that mainly cures the female reproductive diseases. And the most advantage of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is that it is no side effects, and it can goes deeply into the lesions, dredge the fallopian tube completely, then finally restore the physiological functions of fallopian tube.

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