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Which is the best treatment for tubal blockage, Operation, IVF or TCM?

So many people cannot get pregnant because of tubal blockage. Among its treatments, the most popular treatments are operation, IVF and TCM, but which one is the best? Now, Dr. Lee, an expert from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, will answer it for us.


We all know that high quality sperm, unblocked Fallopian tubes and mature egg are three necessary elements for conceiving. What's more, Fallopian tubes, as a bridge for sperm and egg fertilizing, once are blocked, fertilization can be affected and the only consequence is infertility.
Operation: it is hard to conceive even fallopian tubes are unblocked
According to a survey posted by Wuhan health center, every year, more than 2000 infertility women who don't need to take operation choose operation such as implantation, Hysteroscopy, anastomosis, and neostomy to unblock their fallopian tubes. 
First of all, the cost of operation is expensive and the relapse rate of adhesion is very high. Secondly, operation can affect the function of tubal cilia, brought ectopic pregnant to women. The last but not the least, the success rate of conceiving is so low and some even lose their reproductive ability.
IVF: it only is a shortcut and cannot slove tubal blockage forever
Many women tend to choose IVF solving infertility after diagnosed with tubal blockage. Actually, only when baby born with the natural way is the best. As for IVF, it just is a way to realize their mother dream. But the truth is IVF can affect the functions of ovaries. Therefore, the best way is natutal way. IVF only suit for these women with bilateral tubal blockage and ovulation failure. What's more, the cost of IVF is very higher but the success rate is too low.
TCM: although the treating course is longer than operation and IVF, 90% patients are mother now
Generally speaking, tubal blockage commonly is caused by chronic pelvic inflammation, so when tubal cilia has inflammation, the delayed evacuation of purulent secretion commonly brings blockage to women, thus, women should choose the right treatment for tubal blockage according to its causes. Actually, there is no need to do operation or IVF because Tubal blockage can be cured by fuyan pill which can promote blood circulation, eliminate adhesion and clear away toxic materials thoroughly.   
All in all, women with tubal blockages should choose right treatment according to their own conditions. If having the will of getting pregnant, TCM is the best. Wish tubal blockage women can recover soon.

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