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Can tubal blockage be cured by mineral salt fomentation?
If you have your fallopian tubes blocked, egg and sperm cannot meet with each other just like cars cannot come and go smoothly in a congestion. Thus, if you don't want to experience infertility or ectopic pregnant, the first thing you have to do is making your tubes unblocked. Nowadays, with the development of modern medical system, the treatments for tubal blockage are various and one of the most popular ways is mineral salt fomentation. Can tubal blockage be cued by this way and how is the curative effect?
What is mineral salt fomentation?
This mineral salt is a kind of crystal from Halides mineral. This kind of mineral salt has the function of avoiding Food deterioration, softening dirt and making people sweat. So on early days, this salt commonly used to cure flu. But now, it is proved that it also is a cure for tubal blockage. 
Why tubal blockage can be cured by mineral salt fomentation?
This heated salt can increase local temperature, relax muscles relax and promote blood circulation. If putting this heated salt on women's lower abdomen, not only has good effect on tubal blockage, but also the menstrual pain. But why heated salt has such good effect on tubal blockage? Because of its functions, not only the absorption of tubal inflammation can be enhanced by improved blood circulation of fallopian tubes, but also some microelements which is good for treatment can enter and absorbed by human body. Therefore, tubal blockage and adhesion on tubes can be released and cured. 
It will be better if women can choose mineral salt fomentation with fuyan pill
Although mineral salt fomentation is good, tubal blockage only can be improved by this way with with a long time treatment. What's more, this way cannot improve the self-healing ability from inner side, so if you are not that kind of guy who have patient, please don't choose this way. 
If you want to shorten the treating time, it is better for you to cure tubal blockage with mineral salt fomentation and fuyan pill at the same time. Fuyan pill has the functions like clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation and QI, softening stasis and lumps. Moreover, fuyan pill has no side-effect. Thus, it is very possible that tubal blockage can be unblocked by the two ways within two months.
Four Tips when using mineral salt fomentation
1. salt only can be heated with microwave oven. 
2. it should be stopped if the menses is too heavy. 
3. the best fomentation time is before ovulatory period and after menses period.
4. it is common to have green color after fomentation, and it will disappear when tubal blockage cured.

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