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Can ectopic pregnancy result the tubal blockage? What the causes of it?

Ectopic pregnancy refers to an abnormal pregnancy outside the uterine cavity, so if it is untreated, the serious result will be the acute bleeding or shock or even death. Parts of the patients will get the tubal blockage after the ectopic pregnancy treatment, so we would ask if it has a direct relationship with the ectopic pregnancy. 

Is the ectopic pregnancy result the tubal blockage?  
For this question, the Wuhan Dr.lee’s answer is that under normal circumstances, after the ectopic pregnancy surgery, nothing will lead to the blockage of the fallopian tubes, but we can not rule out the possibility of tubal blockage. It is obviously that the result is primarily related to the treatment and the factors on themselves, so the occurrence of tubal blockage mostly related to the infection caused by surgery. 
When ectopic pregnancy occurs, for the sake of health, most patients choose surgery. But there is a certain risk of surgery, so if the patients do not pay attention to the postoperative recovery, then the infection will come into being. Or the further infection will lead to the emergence of tubal blockage. At this time, the patient can take the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill for a treatment. The effect of sterilization and detoxification and eliminating inflammation can quickly work on the blockage of the fallopian tubes.
Except the ectopic pregnancy, what the other factors are the causes of tubal blockage?
1 a variety of surgical infections
For example, when the abortion surgery, the improper operation of the mechanical stimulation will cause the secondary inflammation infection, and if it spreads to the fallopian tubes, the blockage may occur. 
2 Inflammation caused by gynecological diseases
For example, if the common see gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis and salpingitis left untreated, then the inflammation can lead to tubal congestion, edema, thickening harden, and finally appear to be the tubal blockage. Fortunately, Fuyan pill's efficacy of anti-inflammatory and removing stasis can cure various gynecological diseases and the tubal blockage is included.
3 Irregular sexes
In real life, many gynecological diseases are related to the irregular sexes. So if the sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and mycoplasma infection, gonorrhea infection untreated, then a variety of complications will be induced, and eventually lead to tubal blockage or even infertility. 
In a word, there is a possible of tubal blockage after ectopic pregnancy, and mostly it is led by the inflammation. So Dr.lee advises the female friends to pay much attention on body maintenance.

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