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Compared with surgeries, drug treatment is more suitable in curing hydrosalpinx

Fallopian tubes are relatively fragile organs, and they are prone to causing various diseases, among which salpingitis is common seen. The clinical researches prove that hydrosalpinx caused by chronic salpingitis occupies a large proportion of infertile women.

The hazards of hydrosalpinx are not only reflected in infertility, but also in the probability in increasing ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, the treatment of hydrosalpinx is very important. 
Surgical treatment of hydrosalpinx: the common method is not necessarily the better choice
Surgeries were recommended to many patients who were diagnosed with hydrosalpinx. However, the effect of surgical treatment is not very ideal. According to years of clinical observation, the recurrence rate of hydrosalpinx is relatively high after surgeries. Besides, the surgery itself would cause some damage to patients. So, in recent years, the surgical methods have gradually transformed into drug treatment.
Drug treatment of hydrosalpinx: traditional Chinese medicine tackles the disease more thoroughly 
Referring to drug treatment, many people will think of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.
Western medicine is adopted by a lot of hydrosalpinx patients. It mainly eliminates the stagnant water by using anti-inflammatory and antidotal medications. However, a single kind of western medicine usually has no significant effect. So the disease is always treated with a variety of drugs, which is not only troublesome, but also not very effective. Based on this fact, traditional Chinese medicine is recommended.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that, when there is heat, dampness, toxic materials and blood stasis in the lower energizer, hydrosalpinx is likely to occur. So, the treatment requires medicines which contain the effects of clearing away heat, eliminating toxic materials, removing dampness, and so on.
After continuous improvement of ancient prescriptions, Fuyan Pill works well in eradicating hydrosalpinx. With the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, eliminating toxic materials, removing blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, Fuyan Pill can radically cure hydrosalpinx.
Which is better for curing hydrosalpinx, surgeries or drugs?
In comparison with surgeries, drug therapy is safer. But drug treatment also has some limitations. It is generally applied into cases where the patients have fertility requirements. For patients who are suffering from tubal ovarian cysts, surgical treatment is recommended. And after the surgery, medicines such as Fuyan Pill can be taken for the consolidation.
In a word, when curing hydrosalpinx, patients should make decisions based on their own circumstances. 

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