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TCM rather than western methods to treat tubal slight swelling

Fallopian tube's normal physiological functions are the necessary part for women to conceive, so the occurrence of tubal disease is often directly affect women's fertility. Clinically, In addition to salpingitis, the tubal edema and blockage are also the common see diseases. However, no matter which kind of disease, the influence is all relatively large. So here, I will analyze the treatment from both the TCM and the western methods to treat the tubal slight swelling.

Western medicine treatment of tubal slight swelling 
Tubal edema refers to the swelling caused by the hydrosapinx, which happen in the end of the fallopian tube. At present, the most definitive diagnosis is laparoscopy. And in western treatment, the doctor usually tends to choose the tubal surgery. In general, they would first do an assessment of the severity of the swelling, and then choose the appropriate measures.
For patients with mild swelling, the doctor mostly takes the tubal reconstructive surgery or fallostomy. For the severe swelling patients, they are generally suggested to take the salpingectomy. Surgical approach can show the obvious effect in a short term, but there are some serious complications follow behind. And the improper operation would likely to cause some infections and the recurrence rate is quite high.
Chinese medicine treatment of tubal slight swelling 
In terms of ancient Chinese medicine, swelling does not require the surgery, the conservative therapy would be better to protect the fallopian tubes and improve the rate of natural pregnancy. From Chinese point of view, dampness-heat in lower jiao and hinder the operation of blood, as a result, it makes the tubal adhesions, congestion and swelling. In order to dredge blood circulation, the patient can take the fuyan pill to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.
Fuyan pill have the function of detoxification, remove dampness as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it makes a good effect on tubal swelling. Proceed from the root, promote blood circulation will be conducive to dredge the stasis. With the help of removing heat and dampness, the drug can be made to natural distribution at the disease root and achieve the therapeutic purposes.
How long the tubal slight swelling can be completely cure should be decided by the severity. The use of surgery can quickly eliminate swelling, but it owns a high recurrence rate. However, the use of traditional Chinese medicine may take a long time, but it can remove the lesion. With a high cure rate, the treatment time will be shortened accordingly. To cure the disease, patients can take the Fuyan pills. According to the efficacy of the medicine, it can be cured in 1-3 courses.

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