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Is it credible that saffron share magic on tubal blockage?

Among the causes that lead to female infertility, tubal blockage occupies a large proportion. That’s to say that tubal blockage is now one of the main causes of female infertility. How to treat tubal blockage? Except the surgical methods, many patients tend to search some other remedies. In this case, saffron treatment become a popular way that accepted by the majorities. As a remedy, someone may also wonder that if it is credible that saffron can cure the tubal blockage?

Saffron is the Chinese medicine treatment scope, so we should analysis it from the perspective of Chinese medicine. From the Chinese medicine point of view, female infertility can be generally summed up as several reasons below: kidney deficiency, phlegm-damp, blood stasis and so on. In the Chinese doctor’s eye, the reason why tubal blockage happens is the damp-heat that hinders the blood circulation. So we should choose some medicine with promoting blood and dredging stasis, such as fuyan pill.
Saffron as a Chinese herbal medicine, it is one of the medicines that exist in fuyan pill. It can not only play analgesic efficacy, but also have the function of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is helpful to adjust the human body. However, only one herb cannot play very well, because if you get the tubal blockage, the symptoms of irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms would follow. At that time, some other medicine should be added in. Fuyan pill, a herbal medicine created by Wuhan Dr.lee. It is notable for threat fallopian tubes problem, because it’s able to diminish inflammation in Fallopian tube and clear the tubes to restore physiological function. The formula of Fuyan pill has the efficacy of nourishing spleen, promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis and clearing away heat and toxic materials, which contribute to the treatment. 
In the treatment of tubal blockage, saffron plays an important role. But as I said before, its efficacy is limited and it can only be used as the supplementary drug. Therefore, if you want to have a completely cure, take the Fuyan pill for a trying. 

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