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Tortuous fallopian tubes patients need timely treatment

Normal fallopian tubes are just like the catkin, wiggling softly all the time. They can appear distorted with the body movement, which does not affect the function of fallopian tubes. However, due to the infection in the vagina, uterine cavity or some other parts, the fallopian tubes sometimes distort and cannot recover on their own. Even the patients are without any discomfort, the potential harm of tortuous fallopian tubes cannot be ignored as they greatly affect the women’s health.

What are tortuous fallopian tubes?
Fallopian tube circuit is a type of tubal diseases. It is the circuit of fallopian tubes due to local inflammation, pelvic cavity inflammation or the bending or adhesions around the pelvic organs.
With great hazards, tortuous fallopian tubes need timely treatment 
Fallopian tube circuit is an important factor affecting female fertility. This is because the fallopian tubes are the sites of eggs and sperm rendezvous and the passage of fertilized eggs. So if they have some problems, such as blocking or winding, the normal operation of the fertilized eggs will be affected. Consequently, ectopic pregnancy or infertility is very likely to occur. And in more severe cases, they can even endanger the patient's life. Therefore, tortuous fallopian tubes must receive timely treatment.
How to cure tortuous fallopian tubes?
In the western medicine treatment of tortuous fallopian tubes, doctors always adopt the repeated hydrotubations or surgeries such as hysteroscopic and laparoscopic. However, as tortuous fallopian tube itself is caused by inflammation, the uterine cavity and the surrounding organs are infiltrated in the inflammatory cells; the repeated uterine cavity operation will only make it worse. In addition, even the fallopian tube gets through by physical methods, it is hard to ensure it is as smooth as before. Therefore, Dr. Lee doesn't recommend patients using the surgical treatment.
Patients with tortuous fallopian tube might as well try traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill. It can effectively eliminate the pathogens of this disease such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, neisseria gonorrhoeae and mold. Besides, it has the effect of heat-clearing, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis which work well for diseases such as fallopian tube circuit. What's more, fuyan pill can enhance the peristaltic function of fallopian tubes, softening and absorbing the necrotic tissue in the fallopian tube lumen. With the integreted effects, fuyan pill can make the fallopian tubes recover to their original appearance. 
All in all, fallopian tube circuit is not an ailment; female friends should take it seriously. Once found to have such a problem, females should take corresponding drugs in time lest some unpleasant should happen.

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