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Complications of tubal blockage

Tubal blockage, with a high clinical incidence, is a common gynecological disease. It is always accompanied by some other health problems. But with effective treatment, only a small percentage of patients have lasting damage. And in this article, the author will mainly introduce the complications of tubal blockage.

1. Tubal blockage patients may have the symptom of dysmenorrhea. 
Dysmenorrhea is a common complication of tubal blockage. The reason lies in that long-term chronic tubal inflammation can lead to pelvic congestion. This congestion affects the normal flow of blood, causing dysmenorrhea. Patients can have menstrual cramps a week before menstruation begins. And the closer the day is to menstruation, the heavier the pain is. This lasts until the menstruation starts. To relieve the pain, patients need take drugs which can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. For example, patent medicine fuyan pill is a good choice.
2. Irregular menstruation will appear. 
The fallopian tubes and ovaries are adjacent, so the oviduct inflammatory easily spreads to the ovary. Consequently, great harm will be done to ovary, resulting in abnormal menstruation. To avoid this condition, timely treatment is needed once tubal inflammation occurs.
3. Patients can be accompanied by ectopic pregnancy. 
Blocked fallopian tube keeps the fertilized egg from reaching the uterus. As a result, the intercepted eggs and sperms grow in the fallopian tube, resulting in ectopic pregnancy. Although there is small probability, it occurs. 
4. Tubal blockage can result in infertility. 
In addition to ectopic pregnancy, another common complication of tubal blockage patients is infertility. The main function of fallopian tube is transporting sperm and eggs, taking in the fertilized egg and carrying them to the uterine cavity. When the fallopian tube is blocked, it will hinder the fertilized egg and sperm passage, leading to infertility.
The complications of tubal blockage are mainly reflected in these four aspects. To avoid injury brought by the disease, patients should first prevent the happening of tubal blockage. And this requires female friends receive aggressive treatment once having tubal inflammation or some other gynecological diseases. Only in this way can tubal blockage and its complications be effectively prevented. For tubal blockage, patients can take oral medicine fuyan pill for the treatment. Eliminating the symptoms and pathogens at the same time, fuyan pill can thoroughly treat the disease.

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