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Fuyan pill, differ from HSG, can increase the pregnancy rate

For patients with infertility, a series of examinations must conduct. However, hysterosalpingography can be the most accurate method at present to check fallopian tubal disease. With high accuracy and less side effect, it is accepted by the majority. Except that, HSG also have the effect to increase the pregnancy rate. Then some patients would ask if it is the best way? How about the TCM?

The advantages of HSG
Experts found that some patients get pregnant after have the HSG checking, they didn't know why. Wuhan Dr. Lee explained that when patients have this checking, the contrast agent in it can change the environment of cervical mucus. Besides, the contrast agent injected in it can also play a role of mechanical flushing to the oviduct.at the same time; the contrast traction to cervix can help to separate some adhesions in it. Also, the monocyte phagocytosis of sperm can be reduced.
The disadvantages of HSG
However, even it can help to increase the pregnancy rate, the side effect is noticeable. When the contrast agent inject in your body, a cramping and discomfort feeling will appear a few minutes later. And a small percent of patients may experience a prolonged discomfort. Especially when the tubes are blocked and the contrast agent are unable to flow out of the uterus promptly.
A small amount of patients may get infection at the lining of the uterus, tubes and pelvis. If your tubes have been hurt before, then the infection can be obviously. 
TCM Fuyan pill treatment
Fuyan pill is an herbal medicine created by Wuhan Dr. Lee to cure female reproductive tract diseases.it is natural, harmless and without side effects. It can kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms in a short term with the effects of sterilization. In addition,it also can eliminate the exhibited symptoms by promoting blood circulation and clearing away heat. Besides, Fuyan Pill contains medicine which can improve immune capacity of the patients. Therefore, it is not only curing the female reproductive tract diseases soon, but also effectively prevents the recurrence of the disease.

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