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The prevention and natural treatment of hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx, commonly happen on patients with chronic salpingitis, is one of the causes that lead to infertility. The symptoms of it are often that an abdominal pain in one or both side of the body. Sometimes it is also with a sense of falling feeling or increased secretions and so on. Among hydrosalpinx treatments, a majority of which are prone to relapse after treating. So a good preventive measure and treatment is very important. We can prevent hydrosalpinx from the following aspects:

1. Note the menstrual hygiene. During menstruation or after childbirth or abortion, women's fitness is relatively poor. At that time, if you keep a good health habit, the bacterial invasion can be effectively prevented. And then you can achieve the purpose of the hydrosalpinx prevention. 
2. Pay attention to sexual health. Dirty sex life is the source of many diseases. Of course, the hydrosalpinx is included. So before sexual activities, both men and women need to wash your genitals well. In this way, the bacteria invasion can be stopped. And at that time, if the vaginal bleeding appears, the sex activities should be stopped soon.
3. Surgery hygiene. When you take gynecological surgery, you’d better choose the normal hospital. Because if sterilization is not strict or surgical environment is poor, the bacteria can easily enter into the vagina and uterus, which result in artificially infection.
4. Salpingitis needs to be treated timely to avoid worsening development. In the treatment of hydrosalpinx, western doctors advocate the use of antibiotics to have the antimicrobial therapy. However, its side effects, such as antibiotic resistance and high relapse rate, make the patients off. On the other hand, in Chinese treatment, Wuhan Dr.lee suggests to take the nature medicine Fuyan pill. It is a safe treatment without side effects, and it is more in line with the needs of treatment. Fuyan pill, which can promote the blood circulation and remove spleen dampness, plays a very good therapeutic effect on hydrosalpinx curing.  
5. Daily exercise activity. Proper physical exercises can enhance the immune function and physical fitness, and prevent the occurrence of disease. If all this done, the chance of bacteria invade can be effective reduced. Also, the occurrence of hydrosalpinx can be avoided. 
When one gets the hydrosalpinx, she should choose the appropriate method according to their situation. Fuyan pill, with many years of clinical testing for various gynecological diseases treatment, is a really effective medicine for hydrosalpinx. It not only can effectively avoid the surgical damage, but also cure the disease completely. 

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