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A response to the feedbacks about tubal patients with abdominal pain or diarrhea after takes Fuyan pills

Tubal disease in Chinese medicine is belongs to the abdominal mass. It is refers to the lacking of healthy qi and depositing of evil qi. Therefore, Fuyan pill use the Chinese theory of treating excess with purgation and treating deficiency with tonification to cure the tubal disease, which make the good effect for the sufferers. So let’s make a discussion of the feedback of the patients?

Question 1: I had suffered from tubal disease, but the abdominal pain become heavy after fuyan pills. so what’s the reason? 
A: Under normal circumstances, fuyan pills will cause neither abdominal pain nor some other symptoms. On the contrary, it will alleviate the pain caused by inflammation. So the reason way this happen is that on one hand, fuyan pill with a strong anti-inflammatory and blood circulation effect that can effectively clear the tube.
As we all know, in the course of tubal treatment, tubal is during the half open stage. And when fuyan pill works, the stage then changed by the effect of blood circulation promoting. As a result, the abdominal pain occurs. The abdominal pain is not serious. It just likes the HSG surgery. If one of the fallopian tubes is blocked, then she will feel pains during the surgery. And when it becomes unblocked, the pain then would go. 
On the other hand, patients themselves do not follow the taboos strictly. For example, avoid sex life during medication. Some patients will ask why, the answer is that the intercourse can easy to lead the over-excitement of the uterus. Fallopian tubes then be stimulated and cause the abdominal pain
Some patients with tubal disease prefer to take the pill with the western medicine; they also may suffer with the abdominal pain. We should say that although Fuyan pills have no side effects, it still can be influenced by some antibiotics, resulting in abdominal pain. Therefore, patients should strictly comply with the taboos when take fuyan pills to avoid the discomfort.
Question 2: Although suffering from tubal disease, she also goes with normal bowel movement. However, diarrhea appears after fuyan pills. What’s the reason? 
This kind of patients often suffers with the sporadic diarrhea. They used to make the feedback once the diarrhea occurs. You should know that the real diarrhea caused by medication side effects would be more severe than this. And the diarrhea may go along with the drug taking. Only the discontinuation can make it improved. 
However, patients with fuyan pill are basically two or three times a day when diarrhea happen, and it is not serious while can be recovered by itself. We often consider the case as the mild gastrointestinal disorders. We should know that Fuyan pills focus on the treatment of female reproductive system disorders, gastrointestinal function is not belong to the treatment categories.
Reminder: each patient with tubal disease holds different body conditions, so the reaction after taking Fuyan pill is also different. So do not suspect with the efficacy as long as the discomfort appear or stop taking as you like. What you should do is to make the timely feedback, and in this way we can give reasonable treatment recommendations according to the details.

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