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Is it true that HSG increases the pregnancy rate of tubal patients?
At present, hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is the most accurate method to diagnose tubal diseases. With high accuracy and small side effects, HSG is trusted by a large number of patients. And according to some patients who have had tubal problems, they got pregnant after a HSG. Excited but surprised at the same time, as they are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes by HSG, then how do they get pregnant? Is it the HSG that increases the pregnancy rate?
In fact, whether HSG can improve fertility is controversial. Some studies show that the chance of getting pregnant is slightly increased in one to three months after the test, and the reasons for the increased pregnancy are as follows:
HSG improves the environment of cervix mucus. 
During a HSG, the cervix is tractive. And this is likely to separate the adhesion around fallopian tubes.
The injected contrast agent flushes the fallopian tubes, opening the blockage to some degree. 
The contrast agents can reduce the phagocytosis of mononuclear cells in vitro experiments, so it may decrease the mononuclear cells in human body of sperm phagocytosis.
Besides, there are some other studies showing that using a specific type of dye- oil based contrast can slightly enlarge the pregnancy rates. However, the large majority of HSGs are done with water based contrast. 
However, there is another report which indicates that, the reason for these pregnancies is, women are not really infertile. They do have blocked fallopian tubes. But the blockage is not so severe that can lead to infertility.
All in all, HSG isn't intended to specifically improve the chances of getting pregnant. It's a diagnostic test which aims at determining whether the fallopian tubes are blocked. 
To get completely get rid of tubal blockage, patients should receive timely treatment after the diagnosis. For example, an herbal medicine- fuyan pill can treat tubal blockage effectively. 
Fuyan pill is created by Wuhan Dr. Lee to cure female reproductive system diseases, including blocked fallopian tubes. It is natural, harmless and without side effects. So far, fuyan pill has helped many women out of tubal problems. And many of them got pregnant naturally.
Tips: HSG requires experienced skills. So it is necessary for patients to choose a professional doctor. This can effectively reduce the damage in the process of inspection, contributing to the diagnosis.

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