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With obvious symptoms, gonococcal salpingitis needs timely treatment

 Gonococcal salpingitis is a kind of tubal diseases caused by neisseria gonorrhea infection. It brings great harm to female patients. When neisseria gonorrhoeae spreads along the lining of fallopian tubes, mucosal inflammation can occur. And in more serious cases, patients can even be infertile. Such great harm can gonococcal salpingitis bring to women that attention should be paid to this illness, and after diagnosis, timely treatment is necessary.


Then what symptoms does gonococcal salpingitis have? The same as some other tubal diseases, gonococcal salpingitis also has obvious symptoms. In general, patients can experience fever (the body temperature can reach up to 38-40 ℃). And this is sometimes accompanied by chills and vomiting. Besides, during the period of onset, patients often have pale faces and accelerated heartbeat.


In addition, according to the clinical stasis, some patients also have lower abdominal pain. What's more, they also have increased vaginal discharge and purulent secretions in the opening of the cervix.


The above mentioned symptoms are undoubtedly a great trouble for female patients. However, in addition to these physical discomforts, gonococcal salpingitis is also a big threat to females with fertility requirements. It can cause problems in the cervical canal lining, endometrium, fallopian tube and pelvic peritoneum, eventually leading to female infertility.


So, in order to stay away from the discomfort and threat brought by this disease, early treatment is the key.


In the treatment of gonococcal salpingitis, western medicine often adopts antibiotic treatment. Although antibiotic treatment will cause certain harm to human body, like doing harm to the liver and kidney, it works in treating this disease.


Except western medicine treatment, more and more patients are willing to adopt traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment. The same as antibiotic treatment, TCM also treats gonococcal salpingitis by eliminating neisseria gonorrhoeae. Take fuyan pill, a patented herbal medicine for an example.


Fuyan pill gives priority to killing pathogens. It can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, gonorrhea and some other microorganisms. However, it also has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and enhancing immunity. By these effects, fuyan pill can effectively prevent the recurrence of gonococcal salpingitis and treat its complications. This is the most prominent advantage of fuyan pill compared with antibiotic treatment.


To treat gonococcal salpingitis, both western medicine and TCM are good choices. Patients can choose the most appropriate treatment according to their own conditions. 

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