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What are the hazards of tubal adhesion?
Tubal adhesion, because of some infection in fallopian tubes, is a tubal disease that has the tube adheres to its surrounded organs or tissues. However, owning to some objective or subjective reasons, this condition is easily overlooked by some women. Therefore, more damages will be caused by tubal adhesion. Here are the top four damages of tubal adhesion. 
Ectopic pregnancy or infertility
Fallopian tubes play an important role in the reproductive system. Fallopian tubes take charge of picking egg, but also take responsibly to transport sperm and fertilized egg. Therefore, once there is adhesion on fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy or infertility is the final consequence. If the tubal adhesion prevents sperm to pass, infertility happens for sperm cannot fertilize egg. However, if the adhesion only allows sperm to pass, ectopic pregnancy happens because the fertilized egg which is much larger than sperm cannot pass through the tubes and implant in the uterus. 
Inflammation or infection
Tubal adhesions can cause inflammation and abnormal leucorrhea to patients. However, the sticky or purulent leucorrhea contains a large number of white blood cells. What's more, the white blood cells mentioned above not only can cause inflammation or infection, but also will swallow and prevent sperm entering into the uterine, at the same time
Strong abdominal pain
The pain caused by tubal adhesion won't be severe if the adhesion isn't severe. And the pain can make patients antsy if the adhesion is severer. Generally speaking, the pain varies from people to people according to the disease severity. In addition to the abdominal pain, dull pain around anus can also be experienced by patients sometimes.
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
This phenomenon, having chronic pelvic inflammatory disease again, commonly happens to those who had the PID before. Under the influence of tubal adhesion, lower abdominal or waist pain commonly becomes severer on patients, especially when women are overtired or after intercourse.
To sum up, the hazards of tubal adhesion are fearful. If women suffer from the disease, immediate treatment is essential. Because the disease is mainly caused by inflammation, patients should choose a treatment that has the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials like Fuyan pill

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