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To cure hemorrhagic salpingitis, it is necessary to stop bleeding and diminish inflammation

Hemorrhagic salpingitis is a special type of acute salpingitis. In clinic, it is often associated with acute abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, increased body temperature and some other symptoms. As hemorrhagic salpingitis is mainly caused by inflammation and it mostly manifests as irregular bleeding, functions of stopping bleeding and diminishing inflammation are required to treat this disease.


1. Stop bleeding

In laparoscopy, it is visible that patients usually have hematocelia, unilateral or bilateral fallopian tube enlargement, congestion, edema, or adhesion. In addition, patients can experience active bleeding of oviduct umbrella end, ruptured bleeding, and hemorrhagic shock in serious cases.  


Clinically, for patients with hemorrhage shock, doctors often stop bleeding by operating a laparotomy. As for patients with average bleeding, hemostatic is often adopted. In addition, doctors will choose electrocautery or laparoscopy to achieve the purpose of stopping bleeding.


2. Diminish inflammation

Diminishing inflammation is also important to treat hemorrhagic salpingitis. There are many feasible methods. Patients can take antibiotics to get a cure. However, antibiotics have certain adverse effects (bring harm to liver and kidney and produce drug resistance). Therefore, more and more patients tend to choose a safer treatment - traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Take fuyan pill, a patented herbal medicine, for example.


On the one hand, fuyan pill is complete in formula and effective in curative effects. Recognized by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of China), fuyan pill is reliable. What's more, fuyan pill is made from natural herbs; it won't produce drug resistance, so patients needn't worry too much about its side effects. On the other hand, fuyan pill has strong bactericidal and antiphlogistic effects. It can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasia and some other pathogens and eliminate inflammation, treating salpingitis.


Of course, in addition to the treatment, patients should also pay attention to the living habits. For example, it is necessary to strengthen nutrition during menstrual period and after delivery to enhance the immunity, reducing risks of diseases. In addition, patients should also note the genital health and personal hygiene, preventing infections from all sides. 


Warm tips: as hemorrhagic salpingitis belongs to acute salpingitis, it can be treated by antibiotics. However, when it turns into the chronic type, antibiotics cannot radically cure it. At this time, patients can also take the above mentioned TCM- fuyan pill- to get a cure.


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