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How to diagnose hydrosalpinx?

Most diseases can't heal without appropriate treatment. On the contrary, if left untreated, they can bring serious complications. Therefore, to find out the disease early and treat it in time becomes very important. And in this article, I will mainly introduce some common diagnostic methods of hydrosalpinx, a common fallopian tube disease.


Self-diagnosis for hydrosalpinx patients:


Hydrosalpinx refers to the fluid in the fallopian tubes. Once suffering this disease, patients can experience some symptoms. And according to these signs, women can do a self-diagnosis for themselves.


1. Pelvic pain


Some sufferers can experience chronic pelvic pain, including painful intercourse. 


2. Dysmenorrhea


Patients begin to have abdominal pain 1 week before menstruation. As time progresses, the pain aggravates.


3. Irregular menstruation


Hydrosalpinx is mainly caused by inflammation. When the inflammation spread to the ovary, it can hurt and destroy the ovarian function, causing menstrual abnormalities. The common irregular menstruation includes heavy menstrual bleeding and decreased menstrual cycles.


4. Infertility


Fallopian tubes play an important role in carrying sperms, picking up eggs and transporting the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity. Once hydrosalpinx appears, it blocks the tubes, causing infertility.


Notes: Symptoms of hydrosalpinx can vary. For example, some patients may have the above mentioned symptoms while others may be asymptomatic. So to make a more accurate diagnosis, women are recommended to take the medical diagnosis.


Medical diagnosis for hydrosalpinx patients:


In clinic, hydrosalpinx is always diagnosed by HSG (hysterosalpingogram). It is the most simple and reliable method currently. During a HSG, a dye is put in a thin tube that is put through the vagina and into the uterus. Because the uterus and the fallopian tubes are hooked together, the dye will flow into the fallopian tubes. Then the doctor will take x-rays of the pelvic area. And through the picture, the doctor can judge whether one has hydrosalpinx.


Warm tips: Hydrosalpinx can bring great harm to women, especially those with fertility requirements. So once feeling uncomfortable, it is necessary for women to do some checkups, and if diagnosed as this disease, timely treatment is necessary. 


To eliminate the hydrosalpinx, patients can choose both surgery and medical treatment. However, the tubes will often close again after the surgery. For this reason, patients are recommended to take a more effective treatment - traditional Chinese medicine such as fuyan pill


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