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Drug treatments for tubal dropsy

As is well-known, untreated salpinigtis will bring severe complications such as adhesion, dropsy, congestion and blockage. And all these will influence the female fertility. Therefore, timely and proper treatment is necessary for patients. As surgery brings a lot of damage to the fallopian tube, more and more patients turn to choose drug treatments. And in this article, I will mainly introduce the drug treatments of tubal dropsy


Western medicine treatment:


Tubal dropsy is mostly caused by salpingitis, so the treatment should give priority to eliminate inflammation. Based on this, western medicine mainly uses antibiotics to achieve the anti-inflammatory effect.


However, though antibiotics can solve the problem of many diseases, it is not a panacea. For example, antibiotics are not the right medicine for tubal dropsy. The reason are as follows:


One the one hand, the inherent drug resistance of antibiotics is inevitable, so antibiotics are not suitable for long-term use. On the other hand, antibiotics only eliminate the inflammation, it cannot relieve the various symptoms. So when tubal dropsy sufferers take antibiotic treatment, they usually feel significant improvement at first. However, the drug efficacy recedes with time. Worse still, the disease can exacerbate.


Taking all the factors into consideration, in clinic, the doctor usually tends to choose the tubal surgery. Since surgery shows the obvious effect in a short term, but there are some serious complications follow behind, so patients should take it cautiously.


Traditional Chinese medicine ((TCM)) treatment:


TCM is always effective in curing disease as they have a comprehensive understanding of the causes of the disease. For tubal dropsy, it is believed to be caused by the stagnation of blood circulation. Therefore, TCM strengthens promoting blood circulation. Take fuyan pill for example.


Fuyan pill, with the effect of promoting blood circulation, can improve blood circulation. And this increases the blood flow to enhance local metabolism. At the same time, fuyan pill have detumescent and anti-inflammatory effect, this can effectively eliminate the inflammation. In addition, having the functions of nourishing spleen and regulating the internal environment, fuyan pill can eliminate the root causes of tubal dropsy.


In a word, taking everything into consideration, TCM is a better drug treatment for tubal dropsy. TCM is suitable for long-term use, and it won't bring damage to the health. Once suffering this disease, patients can choose the appropriate treatment according to their own health conditions. The treatment that most suits the patients is the best.


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