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Laparoscope VS Herbal Medicine in Hydrosalpinx Treatment

 A hydrosalpinx is a distally blocked fallopian tube filled with serous or clear fluid. As a disease with high incidence among women, hydrosalpinx makes countless sufferers infertile. Fortunately, after years of efforts, experts who are dedicated to the reproductive and urinary system diseases have successfully developed many approaches to cure the disease. Hence, women begin to pay more attention to which treatment they should take.


The question always being asked is that laparoscope and herbal medicine, which one is more effective. As a matter of fact, every treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although laparoscope can achieve a quick recovery, its five disadvantages make it inferior to herbal medicine. First of all, it requires an experienced doctor to conduct the operation due to the complicated operations of the equipment, indicating higher risk. Besides, there are many uncertainties during the surgery. For example, laparotomy may be adopted suddenly under some special circumstances. In addition, special conditions make the surgery more dangerous. What’s more, the surgery is not suitable to those who have abdominal adhesions caused by their previous operations. Last but not least, the fee is too expensive to pay for some families.
In a word, the high cost and risk make it necessary for patients to have a careful consideration before accepting the operation. Compared with laparoscope, herbal medicine is more secure and effective.
Fuyan pill with its magic effects shown in many clinical results is an herbal medicine strongly recommended being used to treat hydrosalpinx. It has several apparent advantages making it increasingly popular among people. Firstly, it has a strong power in disposal of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses no more than three months. Secondly, Fuyan pill being a natural medicine, the whole treatment has no side effects in accordance with the instruction by physicians. More importantly, taking medicine instead of having an operation means all the uncertainties which may occur in operations are ruled out. Nevertheless, there are some notices that you should know when taking herbal medicine. For example, it is advised to have a light diet.
Above all, laparoscope-the hydrosalpinx treatment is less effective than herbal medicine-Fuyan pill considering the higher risk from surgery. In general, Fuyan pill is relatively a better choice to cure chronic tubal inflammation like hydrosalpinx.

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