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How To Cure The Implantation Failure Caused By Endometritis?

Endometritis is a kind of common gynecopathy usually caused by bacterial infections or inflammatory change in the structure of endometrium. However inflammation will not last long in endometrium because of periodic endometrium denudation, but we still cannot ignore it because it is the main reason of infertility in today’s society. So how do we cure the endometritis to avoid the implantation falure?


First, be careful of what we eat. Now dietary therapy becomes more and more popular, so how do patients eat scientifically in their daily life? According to the research, it is good for them to have the food which is easy to digest and contains high calorie.
Second, half-lie on bed can also do lots of help even for those who have acute endometritis, because it is good for the outflow of excretion.
Third, keep your hypogastrium hot. You can drink hot water or use a hot towel to scrub your belly often, which can prevent the development of inflammation and relieve pain.
Forth, keep a normal bowel movement, usually once a day, because keeping your bowels open can relieve the standard of pelvic congestion and be good for the excretion of poison. In order to do that you should have more vegetables and do more exercise.
Fifth, avoid too many gynecologic examinations. As the old saying, too much is as bad as too little. Too many examinations can not only cost lots of money but also make people annoyed, what’s worse it can also lead the spread of inflammation.
Sixth, have medicine. As is known that taking medicine is usually the most effective way to cure a disease. However there’s too much to learn about how to choose what to eat. Before choosing a kind of medicine, the first thing you should do is to ask a doctor for advice, never try to take a medicine without doctors’ guidance, and try to control the dosage, said by Dr. Lee who is a professor of gynopathy. She also said that patients should try the medicine which has a long history and has cured lots of people, such as Fuyan pill. According to her research Fuyan pill has been proved to be very effective on curing endometritis.
Endometritis is not terrible, some may not cause too much pain or affect your daily life, however we cannot ignore it, as acute endometritis can influence women pregnancy even causing infertility. So treating it as soon as possible and in a popper way becomes much more important.

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