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Can herbs treat severe hydrosalpnix?

 Can herbs treat severe hydrosalpinx? Before answering this question, we need to figure out what the hydrosalpinx is and why this condition is hard to be cured radically.


Hydrosalpinx is a condition where a woman's fallopian tube has become swollen and filled with fluid. Surgery is one of the most common treatments of hydrosalpinx. However, the successful rate of surgery isn’t high.


According to Dr. Lee, to cure the hydrosalpinx, there are two problems that patients have to solve to. One is the infection and the other one is the hydrop in fallopian tube. The infection and the hydrops in fallopian tubes are no isolated things. They have close connections. The hydrops commonly is caused by the infection. So the infection is the reason of hydrops and the hydrops is a response to the infection. So, to cure this condition, patients need to clear the infection first and the hydrops later. Therefore, hydrosalpinx is hard to be cured. 


Since hydrosalpinx is such as disease that hard to be cured totally, can herbs treat the severe hydrosalpinx radically?


The answer is yes. Herbs can cure this condition radically. Take one herbal medicine named Fuyan pill for example, this herbal medicine will tell you how the herbs work on this condition and eliminate the hydrosalpinx for you.


Fuyan pill is a formula that is composed by more than 50 herbs. Some of the herbs can clear away heat and toxic materials out. Some of the herbs can promote blood circulation. Some of the herbs can dissolve the stasis and eliminate the hydrops. Therefore, the infection can be cleared by Fuyan pill and the hydrops in fallopian tubes can also be eliminated too.


What’s more, this herbal medicine also can improve immunity and self-healing ability of the fallopian tube. Therefore, the recurrent rate of this condition is low.


If the hydrosalpinx is severe, treatment course might be longer than milder hydrosalpinx’s. But the severe hydrosalpinx can be solved by fuyan pill or other herbs.

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