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How to treat hydrosalpinx naturally?

 How to treat hydrosalpinx naturally? Before giving you the answers, i would love to tell you what the naturally means and what kind of treatment can be classified into natural ways.


According to dictionary, the explanation of naturally are various such as without special intervention, in a natural manner, in a normal manner, without exaggeration, by nature, and as a logical result. By putting the naturally into the sentence” how to treatment hydrosalpinx naturally” there is no doubt that the by nature is the most suitable explanation. Therefore, how to treatment hydrosalpinx naturally means how to cure this condition without side –effects or damages.


Although to cure the hydrosalpinx naturally is hard. There always are cures for hydrosalpinx. However, traditional methods are not included, because they can bring side effect or damages to patients. Take the surgery or antibiotics for example. Without a radical sterilization, postoperative infection or scarring can be caused. As for the antibiotics, drug resistance and damages on liver or kidney can be produced after long- term taking.


How to cure the hydrosalpinx naturally? Dietary therapy and herbal medicine are excellent choice.


In China, there is a theory that every food has it nature and can be taken as medicine. Therefore, lots of diseases can be cured by eating the right food. Since hydrosalpinx is commonly caused by infection and inflammation. Therefore, clear infection and eliminate hydrops are the major problems that patients have to solve. Some foods like onion or Safflower can help patients ease the two problems. However, the effect of food is slight. To cure this condition with dietary foods, patients may need a longer time like years.


As for the herbal medicine, its effect is much better than dietary theory, because it is a completed formula and the some functions can be improved and some unnecessary functions can be eliminated. Take the Fuyan pill for example. Fuyan pill has more than 50 herbs and its functions are various. It not only can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, but also can enhance immunity and self-healing ability. Therefore, herbal medicine – Fuyan pill can solve the two problems. Although the treating course of Fuyan pill still is long, it is shorter than dietary therapy. Generally speaking, three months treatment is enough.

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