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What treatment women who have hydrosalpinx want to get pregnant should accept?

 “My wife is having hydrosalpinx that has been difficult for her to get pregnant” is a question that left as an offline message. Before answering this question, we should figure out what hydrosalpinx is and how this condition brings the infertility to women.


Hydrosalpinx is a distally blocked fallopian tube filled with serous or clear fluid and it mainly is caused by infection. When this condition happens, it commonly means there is also a tubal blockage. So the sperm is unable to pass through the fallopian tube and meet with the egg and this is the how the infertility happens.


To cure the infertility caused by hydrosalpinx. There are two things that this wife has to solve. One is the blockage and the fluid and the other one is the infection. Generally speaking, the two things can be solved by antibiotics and surgery separately. But the effect of the two isn’t good, because the two interacts greatly. So if the infection cannot be cleared, more fluids will be produced.


One herbal medicine named Fuyan pill can solve the two problems at a time. This Fuyan pill not only has the same functions of antibiotics and surgery, but also can solve the symptoms caused by this condition. Therefore, the fluid in the tubal and the infection in the tube can be cleared by this herbal medicine at a time, because it has the functions like promoting blood circulation and Qi, clearing away heat and toxic materials, dissipating hard lumps and stasis and eliminating fluids.


What’s more, this herbal medicine also has many other functions that the surgery and antibiotic don’t have. This herbal medicine can also improve the self-healing ability and strengthen the immunity. So the treating course of Fuyan pill is short and the recurrent rate is low. 


All in all, the hydrosalpinx isn’t terrible and getting pregnant is possible as long as this wife can accept treatment timely and properly. 

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