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Curing tubal blockage from eradicating inflammation and eliminating nidus

Tubal blockage accounts for one-fifth of female infertility. Due to the long term inflammatory stimulation, damages, and torsion on fallopian tubes, its incidence ratio is high. Obviously timely treatment for tubal blockage is important and necessary in order to avoid infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and premature delivery.

How to deal with the tubal blockage? Actually this condition can be cured by eradicating inflammation and eliminating nidus.

First, take herbal medicine if the blockage is mild

Most of tubal blockages are caused by salpingitis which is the secondary infection of pelvic inflammation. Eliminating infection and eradicating inflammation actively becomes indispensible and essential due to the existed causative agent in pelvic cavity, such as bacteria, Chlamydia trachomatis, and gonorrheal. To cure the mild tubal blockage that is not suitable for surgical treatment, taking Fuyan pill directly is better.

Second, choose surgery according to the location of the blockage

If blockage occurs on proximal area of fallopian tube according to a simply classification based on the blockage location, whether the ovaries and fimbria end are affected, it is perfectly for women to choose salpingostomy, or tubal anastomosis after removing the abnormal tube. Although tubal anastomosis is a difficult operation and the ectopic pregnant rate is high, it is still one of the most frequently used methods.

If blockage happens on the fimbria end, surgeries should contain removing the blocked tubes, rebuilding a fimbria end two parts, like laparoscopic salpingostomy and Tubal Implantation. Since the fimbria end is an artificial organ, its function isn’t as good as the original one. What is more, the function of ovaries can be disabled because of one side effect of operation - interrupted blood supply.

All Surgeries have its advantages, but they are also a source of harmful damages, and complications. Moreover, pelvic adhesion might follow after the unqualified sterilization job. Therefore, to improve the pregnant rate after surgery, it is necessary for women to take Fuyan pill avoiding the disadvantages of surgery.

All in all, conservative herbal treatment, Fuyan pill, for slightly tubal blockage or women who do not want to take surgery is the first option, owing to the awesome functions such as prompting blood circulation, clearing away heat and toxic materials, and dissipating stasis and dissolving lumps.

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