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Herbal medicine offers natural conceiving for hydrosalpinx women

 Although fallopian tubes, which play an important role in reproductive process, are the most vital organs in reproductive organs, they are easily damaged. Hydrosalpinx that contributes 80% infertility in women obviously is the top reason of sterility. For hydrosalpinx women, conceiving naturally after treatment is the ideal status. Therefore, how to cure hydrosalpinx to approach to this status? Let’s figure out this question now.

Hydrosalpinx that frequently occurs after salpingitis are always unblocked by surgeries, such as Tubal Anastomosis, Salpingostomy, and Tubal Implantation. However, no matter what type of surgery you choose, damages on fallopian tubes are inevitable due to its vulnerable features. Therefore, pregnant rate of conceiving naturally can be affected greatly. What is more, surgery that is unable to exterminate this condition makes hydrosalpinx relapse easily.
Herbal therapy presently is the best treatment of hydrosalpinx, for it is able to eliminate the blockage and fluid without bringing damages. Herbalists consider that sluggish blood circulation and dampness-heat in lower jiao take full responsibility to adhesion, congestion, edema and fluids in tubes, so herbal medicine that can promote blood circulation should add. A rounded formula named Fuyan pill is good at curing hydrosalpinx and its effect is awesome.
Herbs like peach seed and Safflower that are accompanied with herbs like Angelica, Peach Kernel, and Lquorice enable the Fuyan pill passes along with Channel and works on nidus. Therefore, the adhesion would loose; the blockage would go and the fluids would disappear.
Fuyan pill is a typical herbal medicine of herbal medicine. It is approved by SIPO for around 4 years. Herbal medicine also won’t bring side effect to women while on curing, because herbal medicine’s ingredients are from plants and animals. It is safe for long time taking even though there is no need. 

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