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Prevent tubal blockage thoroughly by doing three things

 Everyone knows that once the fallopian tubes block, infertility or ectopic pregnancy is the most possible consequences that women may encounter. But why blockage happens on fallopian tubes and how to avoid or prevent the tubal blockage?


First, pay attention to personal hygiene

Women should pay more attention on personal hygiene after sex, because lots of toxic materials are contacted via sex. When toxic materials spread to fallopian tubes, the infection caused by toxic materials making tubes discharge inflammatory materials block the tubes. What’s more, hygiene during menses is another period that women should attach importance to, because the resistance ability to toxic materials during menses is weaker. Moreover, during menses period, the cervix is bigger, which makes bacteria invade women’s vagina more easily. During the two special periods, women should wear cozy and loose underwear, wash vagina every day and keep the vulva clean and dry. They are not allowed to share the same underwear with others.


Second, avoid miscarriage

According to Dr. Lee, from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, lots of tubal blockages are caused by unqualified miscarriage surgery. So if possible women should avoid this type of surgery and if it is unavoidable, please take this surgery in state-owned hospital. To avoid this type of tubal blockage, women should do a good job on birth control.


Third, timely curing

Since tubal blockage mainly is caused by diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis, or cervicitis, they should receive timely treatment in case the occurrence of tubal blockage. Generally speaking, these diseases are easy to be cured. Women can take herbal medicine as a cure, or take surgery as cure. No matter what treatment you are going to take, the best one only can be the one that suits for you.

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