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How to Cure Fallopian Tube Blockage by Chinese Acupuncture?

Research shows that almost 1/3 of female infertilities are caused by the fallopian tube blockage. The incidence of this disease in adult women tends to increase in recent years. It is a therapeutic problem in gynecological disease which brings great distress to women as well as many families. For different patients, experts suggest that in addition to using general surgery treatments, some other treatment approach like Chinese acupuncture should be used together to cure fallopian tube blockage.

At the beginning of your cure, you should know some basic common sense about tubal obstruction.

What will cause the disease?

1.    Previous infection (most often a sexually transmitted disease; sometimes associated with a ruptured appendix);
2.    Tubal ligation for sterilization or other types of surgery;
3.    Endometriosis (a common cause of infertility);
4.    Infections caused by abortion;
5.    Pelvic adhesions.

What are the symptoms of tubal blockage?
Once suffering from this disease, patients may have the following symptoms:
1.    Severe abdominal pain before and after your period;
2.    Irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea ;
3.    Infertility;
4.    Others: in addition to infertility, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, severe fallopian tube obstruction may also cause increased vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, neuropsychiatric symptoms and mental depression.

What is the acupuncture therapy?
In China, tubal blockage often can be treated with methods like Salpingectomy, Fimbrioplasty, Tubal Reanastomosis, Selective Tubal Cannulation, and some herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill. However, there are also certain natural remedies that can be used to help cure this problem without taking surgical procedures and having medicines. We call it acupuncture therapy and it is usually associated with the use of wormwood during the treatment.

How can the acupuncture therapy cure fallopian tube blockage?
Acupuncture is a means of treatment which is endemic in China and has a long history. Its main principle is to stimulate the body's acupuncture points to achieve a therapeutic effect. Acupuncture therapy usually takes two steps to cure tubal blockage.

(1)    Using needles which are made by silver to stimulate the acupuncture points including Sanyinjiao, the delivery points and Kidney Shu point. This is the first group. Then, the treatment will come to the second group of acupuncture points named Liver Yu, Zusanli and Spleen. Do it once a day and change the turn of the two groups each day.
(2)    Except for needle stimulation, a thermotherapy is also needed for Guan Yuan point, Channel hole, Return path, Ground point, and Sanyinjiao.

However, most experts evaluate that acupuncture treatment is not always effective on fallopian tube blockage. The most common cause of tubal blockage is pathological lesion and an inflammatory infection. The effect is not obvious by using an acupuncture treatment usually. So this kind of cure can only be used as an adjunct therapy. It’s proved that if patients are treated combining with some herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill, the effect will be better.

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