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How to Cure Tubal Adhesion and Avoid Infertility in Women?

Most cases of tubal adhesions are caused by infections, there are general bacterial infections and special pathogen infections, such as chlamydia trachomatis, the person mycoplasma, protozoa and etc. One of the main causes of infertility in women is tubal adhesion, how to cure it?

Causes of Tubal Adhesion
1. Personal hygiene during period is not kept. If use unqualified sanitary napkins, have sex or bath in a tub during period, women can be infected easily and inflammation can be caused, this will lead to tubal adhesion.
2. Infections after childbirth, abortion or gynecological surgeries. Because of unqualified hygiene during surgery, or unsuitable operation by doctors, if the situation is serious, tubal adhesion can be caused too.
3. Inflammation of other organs closed by. If organs close to tubes are infected, and immediate and effective treatment is not done, female genital organs are easy to be infected easily too, and lead to tubal adhesion.

Symptoms of Tubal Adhesion
1. Pain, usually abdominal pain, dull pain or pain in waist, patients can feel more painful often during period, after sex or when tired, they can have more menstrual quantity or menostaxis.
2. Infertility, for women, it accounts for about 1/3 cases of tubal diseases.
3. Other constitutional characteristics are not apparent, such as low fever which can’t be cured for a long time, this influence the life quality of patients very much. Patients with serious symptoms are often thin, with flexible abdomen, sometimes they may have ascites. After the formation of encapsulated effusion, they can touch inactive and ill-defined mass.

Treatments of Tubal Adhesion

1. Western medical treatments. Inject drugs in uterus, naturopathy, use hysteroscope, laparoscope or combine them together and do Fallopian tube implantation, anastomosis of tube, salpingostomy and etc.
2. TCM treatment. Fuyan Pill is a good choice, after taking several months, without any side effect, wound or pain, patients can be cured soon, it is totally safe and green like food we eat.

Preventions of Tubal Adhesion
1. Patients need to semireclining position when having a rest, in order to prevent and control the position change of inflammatory liquid. Take food with high nutrition, easy for digestion and full of vitamins.
2. Pay attention to hygiene of vulva and personal hygiene, be careful of infections can be caused by things in bathroom.
3. Obey treatment principles, be active, and cure the disease totally, control it as soon as possible, prevent it change into chronic disease.
4. If abortion, childbirth, putting or taking out IUD is needed, also when doing other surgeries in uterus, all the things used in a surgery should be cleaned strictly, avoid germs coming into vagina or uterus by surgery and cause infection.
5. For women, when having sex, be careful with personal hygiene and sex partner’s hygiene. Before sex, clean externalia, prevent the coming of germs. When there is blood in vagina, no sex is necessary.
6. Be careful to nutrition and health care, strengthen nutrition during period, after artificial abortion and childbirth, strengthen immunity, and decrease the possibility of infertility in women.

Diets for Tubal Adhesion

Patients with tubal adhesion should eat suitable amount of food with high protein, easy for digestion and high-calorie food, for these foods can help cure the disease, also some exercise is needed to increase immunity and the quality of eggs.

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