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Can Hydrosalpinx Be Cured by A Natural Treatment?

In the fallopian tubes, dilatation is full of a fluid, this refers to a term which is descriptive called hydrosalpinx. In diameter, several centimeters may be reached in tubes which are affected, unilateral or bilateral can the condition be. Tubal pregnancy can be led by adhesions or blockage which is incomplete usually, infertility can be caused by the tube blockage. Can hydrosalpinx be cured by a natural treatment?

Gonorrhea or Chlamydia infection can trigger chronic salpingitis or PID which is the major cause of this condition. In fallopian tubes, pathological changes or malfunction will not caused by all pelvic infection fortunately.

This problem is associated with abdominal surgery, endometriosis or IUDs sometimes. Closure of the tube and loss of the fimbria can be resulted by later healing or inflammation into the area rushed by inflammatory cells as a reaction to injury. The other tube on the opposite side is often abnormal although a hydrosalpinx can be one-sided, both fallopian tubes can be affected by these infections usually. An active infection is not contained, the tubal fluid usually is sterile by the time it is detected.

Symptoms may show up on some sufferers at the same time even hydrosalpinx just remains asymptomatically in lots of cases. Typically infertility, pelvic pain or lower abdominal pain varies on patients as symptoms of hydrosalpinx. Patients may go undetected if they have no symptom or not trying to get pregnant.

To fix the problem, tubal corrective surgery are performed the most. By this procedure, doctor can remove blockage and adhesions. As the damage of the tubes done by the infection is not treated, rates of pregnancy, however, tended to be low unfortunately. The complication which is typical is ectopic pregnancy.

To treat this condition, for those who don’t want to undergo surgery, doctors often suggest IVF. But lower conception rates IVF patients with untreated hydrosalpinx or tubal problem will have than patients who got their diseases controlled and cured totally. This is showed by several studies.

For hydrosalpinx, one of the most popular alternative treatment is herbal medicine. Even fallopian tubes can be made function well, adhesions and blockage can be removed by highly powerful herbal formulas. After a medication for about three to four months, the disease can be cured by a treatment which has been patented and produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping, it is called Fuyan Pill. Naturally conceive can be possible for patients and tubes can function well, in treating hydrosalpinx, this is the most remarkable advantage of herbal medicine.

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