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Natural Hydrosalpinx treatment without surgery

From a medical point of view, hydrosalpinx is explained to a fallopian tube that is blocked with serous fluid at its distal end. Once Hydrosalpinx occurs, it exist two kinds: unilateral and bilateral hydrosalpinx. Owing to Blocked fallopian tubes, their common bad result is infertility. Confronted with the problem, it is very prevalent in treating it using surgery and western medicines.


However, patients need to bear the pains and hurts from the surgery. Therefore, in order to relieve the pains and damages of the body, and hydrosalpinx is not serious, then alternative ways of hydrosalpinx treatment will be a better choice.


Before learning to hydrosalpinx treatment, we should set the causes of hydrosalpinx to the first place. Generally speaking, the causes are commonly from a long-untreated infection in the fallopian tubes or the pelvic infection, such as: gonorrhea, chlamydia, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pelvic tuberculosis. And abortion, Salpingitis, abdominal surgery, endometriosis or IUDs are sometimes the killer of being infected with hydrosalpinx. 

Hydrosalpinx treatment has many options, but considering about the safety and effective treatment, we lay stresses on the natural hydrosalpinx treatment.
1.Dietary nursing. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is to reach the body's demand for vitamin and mineral content and is also helpful to the recovery. It is worthy to mention that patients with hydrosalpinx should take abundant protein and iron element, such as the shell and the oyster, could accelerate the recovery speed of body function, and could also increase the peristalsis of fallopian tube, thus aiming at killing off the hydrops. Meanwhile, soybean is also very suitable to hydrosalpinx patients, they can supplement natural vitamin E, which can make contributions to improve the tubal function.
2.Do regular exercises. Keep a good habit of doing sports, it can improve the immune ability of the whole body. In addition, doing daily fertility massage, it can help reduce fluid buildup in the fallopian tubes and break-up adhesions comprised of scar tissues. It is also beneficial to eliminate the hydrops.
3.TCM treatment. Traditional chinese medicine named fuyan pill, is designed especially for hydrosalpinx patients. Because fuyan pill has these functions: activating blood circulation, dissolving blood stasis, eliminating heat and dampness and removing toxic materials. The ingredients of the pill are specially matched for hydrosalpinx patients after analyzing on the common causes of hydrosalpinx.
What’s more, because it is natural like our foods, therefore, it is no side-effect, no drug resistance, no drug tolerance, compared with surgical treatment, it is no any pains and damages to our body.

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