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What medicines will be the right choice on curing Hydrosalpinx?
Among the patients with fallopian tube blockage, many of them is caused by Hydrosalpinx, therefore, curing Hydrosalpinx is very realistic and important for recovering the health of the fallopian tube. Nowadays, many patients with hydrosalpinx would not like to treat it through the surgery, However, they do not know which one will be the correct choice among the medicines of curing Hydrosalpinx ?

Medicines of diminishing the inflammation dominate the half market.
Hydrosalpinx is basically produced by some inflammations; thus, it hints us that the fallopian tube may exist some reflections from inflammations, at this situation, we should cure it using anti-inflammatory medicines, depending on this, we can see clearly antibiotics and diminishing inflammation medicines are in the dominant place . Anti-inflammatory medicines put antibiotic in the leading place, such as: fluoroquinolone and macrolide ,they are prescribed as the common antibiotics for curing Hydrosalpinx. However, it is worthy of notice that some patients may often use antibiotics, then they have the drug resistance to this kind of medicine, then they need to make a drug se itive test, according to the result, the docter will choose sensitive antibiotics for their treatments. 
chinese patent drugs only with invigorating the circulation of the blood or clearing away the heat have the single effect. 
Many patients will usually use another chinese patent drugs to supplement the treatment while they take antibiotics to cure Hydrosalpinx. Considering that these chinese patent drugs are not specially designed for curing Hydrosalpinx, they are only with some single effects, such as: promoting the blood circulation herbs have only the function of invigorating the blood, and herbs with clearing away the heat can only clear the heat. These chinese patent drugs with the single effect on curing Hydrosalpinx with complicated causes may have a slower effect, so they need usually to take other medicines as a coordinated treatment.

Pure chinese medicines like Fuyan Pill 
If these chinese patent drugs we mentioned above on treatment effect cannot reach our demands and expects, then we can use some pure chinese medicines like Fuyan pill. Fuyan pill is an oral prescription designed specially for Hydrosalpinx and other gynecological diseases, it contains various kinds of precious ingredients with different treatment effects, it can not only promote the blood circulation to remove the blood stasis but also clear away the heat and toxic materials, what’s more, it can also induce diuretic for treating strangurtia, having a miracle effect on curing Hydrosalpinx. And through the clinic experience, it has already shown out the great advantages on curing Hydrosalpinx 

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